Doing business in counties! You are now able to obtain all counties trade information on this platform. This includes applicable trade licenses, Cess Fees and County Markets, County Products (Agricultural, industrial products and other products) based on Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) Statistical Abstract. Potential for business development at county level is also available through revealed domestic market potential information that is computed from Kenya import statistics. Kenya’s imports, especially of products that the country is endowed with resources to produce, convert to be domestic market potential that counties give businesses opportunities to pursue through setting up operations geared towards producing similar products targeting domestic and international markets.

Mombasa (County)

Source of data: KNBS County Statistical Abstract, 2015.

Agricultural Products
Green Grams Onions Capsicums
Brinjols Chillies Kales
Okra Dania Water Melon
Spinach Cabbage Tomatoes 
Maize Seed  Sorghum Beans
Cow Peas

Poutly Cattle Goats

Industrial Products
Refined petroleum products Meat and meat products Chemicals and chemical products
Processing and preserving fish Basic pharmaceutical products Processing and preserving of fruits and vegetables
Rubber and plastic products Vegetables and animal oils and fats Other non-metallic mineral products
Dairy products Basic metals Grain mill products
Fabricated metal products Bakery products Transport equipment
Confectionery Other manufacturing Other Food Products
Repair and installation of machinery and equipment Animal feeds Beverages/bottled water
Textiles Wearing apparels Wood and products of wood
Paper and paper products

Forestry products
Mangrove poles

Marine fish
Capital: Mombasa (City) Area (km2): 212.5 Population: 939,370

Domestic Market Potential
View untapped domestic market potential of KES163bn based on what Kenya imported in 2016" presenting opportunity for value addition at Counties View report